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...AND OCEANS Cosmic World Mother


Product no.: CD-and-oceans-05
Genre: Black metal
Medium: CD
13.30 €

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Finnish visionaries of industrial/electronic black metal return after 18 long years with their new studio effort. The band seems stronger than ever before and based on the first listenings, the album sounds more black metal than industrial. Still, if you like Samael and such, then ...AND OCEANS will be the right choice for you!

Playing time: 47:30

Style: industrial-black metal

Label: Season of Mist

Released: 2020


  • The Dissolution of Mind and Matter
  • Vigilance and Atrophy
  • Five of Swords
  • As the After Becomes the Before
  • Cosmic World Mother
  • Helminthiasis
  • Oscillator Epitaph
  • In Abhorrence upon Meadows
  • Apokatastasis
  • One of Light, One of Soil
  • The Flickering Lights
Hint for you: Black metal


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