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ATHLANTIS 02. 02. 2020


Product no.: CD-athlantis-06
Genre: Heavy metal
Medium: CD
7.99 €

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Italian ATHLANTIS are back with their fourth studio album in three years! The current effort 02. 02. 2020 stands for a great mixture of melodic metal and hard rock. It doesn't matter if you like great guitar solos or if you are a fan of keyboards that can sound both traditional and modern. With 02. 02. 2020 you get either of these. And let us not forget the great hard rock vocals!

Playing time: 49:56

Style: melodic metal-hard rock

Label: Diamonds Prod.

Released: 2020


  • Message to All
  • Life in Your Hand
  • Light of Love
  • Dancing Shadows
  • Fire and Ice
  • The Fly of the Eagle
  • Anche questo è Rock'n'Roll
  • Words Are Weapons
  • Someday Love Will Come My Way
  • 02.02.2020


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