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AVENGER Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy


Product no.: CD-avenger-02
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Compared to their debut album, AVENGER delivered faster, more aggressive and more sinister form of metal on their second studio offering "Fall of Devotion. Wrath and Blasphemy". Their musical direction is clear - epic, unique, blasphemous black-death metal. The specific magic imbued in this record is still strong. Be sure to check this out!

Playing time: 38:44

Style: black-death metal

Label: Deathgasm Records

Released: 2001 (originally 1999)


  • Za branami (Behind the Gates)
  • Vyhnáni z ráje (Banished from Paradise)
  • V okovech (In Chains)
  • Zlo, nenávist, válka (Evil, Hate, War)
  • Papež ukřižován (Pope Crucified)
  • Volání bitvy (Call of Battle)
  • Zajatci noční strany (Captives of the Nightside)
  • Opus 666


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