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BAL-SAGOTH A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria

Original release from 1995



Product no.: CD-bal-sagoth-01
Genre: Black metal
Medium: CD
13.56 €

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Full specifications

Original release from 1995 in pristine condition, not the remastered version from 2016 with different album artwork.


The debut of the British epic metal act Bal-Sagoth that differ significantly from all that came after. Though it does contain the first hints of the later signature spoken-word passages, the album emanates with strong black/death atmosphere that disappeared on subsequent releases. A unique and timeless opus.


Playing time: 54:57

Style: symphonic black metal

Label: Cacophonous Records

Released: 1995


  • Hatheg Kla
  • Dreaming of Atlantean Spires
  • Spellcraft & Moonfire (Beyond the Citadel of Frosts)
  • A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria
  • Enthroned in the Temple of the Serpent Kings
  • Shadows 'Neath the Black Pyramid
  • Witch-Storm 8. The Ravening
  • Into the Silent Chambers of the Sapphirean Throne (Sagas from the Antediluvian Scrolls)
  • Valley of Silent Paths


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