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BRUTALLY DECEASED Black Infernal Vortex


Product no.: CD-brutally-deceased-02
Genre: Death metal
Medium: CD
10.00 €

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The second studio album of death metal commando named BRUTALLY DECEASED. Uncompromising riffs, crushing drums and killing vocals are the reasons why this is such a great death metal album. For fans of Grave, Dismember and Vomitory.

Playing time: 30:52

Style: death metal

Label: Doomentia Records

Released: 2014


  • Divinity and Decay
  • Devil's Tarn
  • Day of Darkness
  • Black Hammer of Satan
  • Serve the Labyrinthine Tombs
  • Regurgitation of Blood, Devoured Flesh and Gastric Juices
  • Below the Adversary
  • Prelude to Deathwish
  • Deathwish


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