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CANNIBAL ACCIDENT Encyclopaedia Cannibalicum


Product no.: CD-cannibal-accident-CO-01
Genre: Grind
Medium: CD
5.99 €

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Full specifications

Full title: "Encyclopaedia Cannibalicum: Minimal Results with Maximal Efforts"

CD jewelcase format

Playing time: 75:18

Style: grindcore

Label: Nailjar Records

Released: 2016


Cannibal Accident (CD 2009)

  • Intro Fuckathamnon
  • Pubic Bone Divider
  • Tender Flesh
  • Accidental Cannibal
  • Zombie Holo-Acoustic
  • Total End?
  • Born in a Vacuumpack
  • Ass-fed for Nutrition
  • Chili Con Carnage (Bon Ape Tit)
  • Eat the Prisoners
  • Global Chilling by Cannibalism
  • Rectum Loosener
  • From Cunt to a Grave
  • Fleshwalker
  • Lobotomy and Lust
  • Snouthill Ballwax Pansio
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • All-seeing Third Eye
  • Abominable Death (Nephritis cover)

Brutalent (MCD 2010)

  • In Utero Habanero
  • Deadmeatfeast
  • Meat Is Murder (And Murder Is Good)
  • Slaves on the Leash
  • Facial Bladefuck
  • Live on Liver (Die on Diet)
  • Necromutant Impregnation
  • Toilet It Be (Eat Less)
  • Torsofucker
  • Hippophobia

Cannibal Accident and the Friends of Flesh (MCD 2014)

  • Sodomodification / Tuplaliha
  • Lunacy Worship
  • Fistfucking Varissuo
  • Isi nostaa torson salkoon
  • Biological Failure (The Beast)
  • Kött och tarmar
  • Hobo Lobotomy
  • Doooom
  • Motivated to Grill (Torture Killer cover)

Lennu (7'' EP 2013)

  • Orgiastic Hypotermia
  • Nuclear Semenstorm
  • Chili Con Carnage
  • Total End?
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Rectum Loosener

Split (7'' EP with Inferia 2014)

  • Shit Fix
  • Load-In (Ass-Fed Again)
  • Deja-vulva
  • Human Haggis

Tracks from Gracias Veteranos - Record Shop x Compilation

  • Sininen Ja Mato Valtonen
  • Oi! (Maamme)

Live @ Turku Band Festival 15th Jan 2016

  • Twinmaker (recorded by J.Taikatukka)


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