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D.M.C. Decapitation


Product no.: CD-dmc-03
Genre: Death metal
Medium: CD
4.50 €

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D.M.C. and their third full-length album "Decapitation". Gone are the warfare topics. This time, the band tells stories of gore, torture and murders. Musicwise the band remains faithfull to the old school death metal. Straight in your face with no ballast here.

Playing time: 31:41

Style: death metal

Label: Pařát Magazine

Released: 2019


  • The Bullet in My Head
  • One Way
  • Somebody Murdering There
  • Heart Is Silence
  • Rotten Thoughts
  • Decapitation
  • Destruction and Tears
  • Chemical Apocalypse
  • Xenophobia
  • The Truth Has Many Faces
Hint for you: Death metal


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