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DARK MATTER Nebula to Black Hole



Product no.: CD-dark-matter-01
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Unique dark/doom metal band based in Teheran, Iran. This debut features seventeen great musicians with Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema) or Juuso Raatikainen (Swallow the Sun) just to name a few. Their work results in atmospheric, emotional journey which seeks to find the answer to the question why we are here on this planet Earth, which has never been our home...

Playing time: 40:54

Style: dark-doom metal

Label: My Kingdom Music

Released: 2020


  • Except Love (ft. Daniel Cavanagh & Fab Regmann)
  • Earthless Child (ft. Luís Fazendeiro & Anaé & Niko Panagopoulos)
  • Theory of X (ft. Andi Rohde & Sahoora)
  • Imperfect Universe (ft. Anaé & Tomasz Pilasiewicz & Déhá)
  • Void Wor(l)d (ft. Anaé)
  • Funeral Pt1 (ft. Thomas Helm)
  • Funeral Pt2 (ft. Juuso Raatikainen & Ana Carolina & Déhá & Kamand Paymani)
  • Black Hole (ft. Kevin Pribulsky & Cecilie Langlie)


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