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Introduction » BANDS » D » Decomposing Serenity » DECOMPOSING SERENITY & MEATAL ULCER split




Product no.: CD-deco-serenity-split-15
Genre: Grind
Medium: CD
9.99 €

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Full specifications

Playing time: 30:51

Style: goregrind

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod

Released: 2021


  • Meatal Ulcer - Tiny Apartment Filled With Scalps
  • Meatal Ulcer - Chop Them All To Pieces
  • Meatal Ulcer - They Fly So High But Forget To Vomit On Their Food
  • Meatal Ulcer - This Ones Called Blister Meatal Ulcer - Giraffe Box
  • Meatal Ulcer - Hannibal Leatherface
  • Decomposing Serenity - Two Red Nails In The Coffin
  • Decomposing Serenity - Speak To Me From Beneath The Soil
  • Decomposing Serenity - To Be Buried With My Everyone's Heads
  • Decomposing Serenity - Grandma's Friend Under My Bed
  • Decomposing Serenity - Coughie's Bloody Tooth
  • Decomposing Serenity - Hold My Feet And Pray
  • Decomposing Serenity - Julene's Humming Behind Me
  • Decomposing Serenity - Skin Of My Subjects Are Fading
  • Decomposing Serenity - Color Of Blood In Our Dreams
  • Decomposing Serenity - Crocodiles And Torsos
  • Decomposing Serenity - Desire To Cut Four Times
  • Decomposing Serenity - Sand And Flesh To Swallow
  • Decomposing Serenity - Drowning The Snails
  • Decomposing Serenity - Frightening Mice In My Belly


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