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Introduction » Bands » D » Downfall of Gaia » DOWNFALL OF GAIA Ethic of Radical Finitude (LP)


DOWNFALL OF GAIA Ethic of Radical Finitude (LP)


Product no.: VIN-downfall-of-gaia-05
Genre: Post-metal / post-rock
Medium: LP
19.99 €

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The most melodic and best structured album of the band to date. Unique fusion of sludge, doom, black metal and crust creates very strong atmosphere. Get ready for a journey full of emotional ups and downs.


Playing time: 40:07

Style: sludge-post-black metal

Label: Metal Blade Records

Released: 2019


Vinyl 1 - side A

  • Seduced by...
  • The Grotesque Illusion of Being
  • We Pursue the Serpent of Time

Vinyl 1 - side B

  • Guided Through a Starless Night
  • As Our Bones Break to the Dance
  • Of Withering Violet Leaves


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