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ENCOFFINATION Necros Obscuritas


Product no.: CD-encoffination-CO-01
Genre: Doom
Medium: CD
10.80 €

Playing time: 71:04

Style: doom-death metal

Label: Selfmadegod Records

Released: 2017


  • Nefarious, Yet Elegant Are The Bowels Of Hell
  • Indulgence Of The Chalice
  • Unrepentant Indifference To The False Evangel
  • Inurnment Of Fleshless Disembodied Remains
  • Washed And Buried
  • Elegance Above Flesh
  • Deathless Genesis
  • Gaunt And Sallow
  • Portals
  • Hear Me, O' Death
  • A.M.E.N. (Live)
  • Untitled (Live)
Hint for you: Doom


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