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ERUPTION Cloaks of Oblivion (2 LP)




Product no.: VIN-eruption-03
11.10 €

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The third studio album of Slovenian-based ERUPTION is - simply put - massacre! Old school thrash/heavy metal which will get under your skin. High pitched vocals and great guitar riffs & solos. If you are fond of bands like Helstar, Testament or Artillery, then you will enjoy "Cloaks of Oblivion" too!

Playing time: 48:21

Style: thrash metal

Label: On Parole

Released: 2018


Disc 1 (23:43)

Side A

  • Pharos (instrumental)
  • Sanity Ascend
  • Cloaks of Oblivion

Side B

  • Drones
  • Reborn into Demise

Disc 2 (24:47)

Side A

  • The Yearning
  • This Barren Existence

Side B

  • Seven Archons
  • The Prophet


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