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Introduction » CD » EVERSIN Armageddon genesi


EVERSIN Armageddon genesi


Product no.: CD-eversin-04
Genre: Groove metal
Medium: CD
7.99 €

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"Armageddon Genesi", the new album of groove metallers EVERSIN, is the apex of band's career, and it perfectly represents the evolution of the band's dynamics thanks to the fact that it is the most violent, heavy and furious act ever recorded by the Sicilian act. Features guitar solo by the late Ralph Santolla on track "Soulgrinder".

Playing time: 46:18

Style: groove metal

Label: My Kingdom Music

Released: 2018


  • A Dying God Walks the Earth
  • Legions
  • Jornada del muerto
  • Soulgrinder
  • Havoc Supreme
  • Where Angels Die
  • Seven Heads
  • Armageddon genesi
  • To the Gates of the Abyss


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