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Product no.: VIN-forgotten-silence-07
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Playing time: 56:03

Style: experimental progressive death metal / folk / jazz

Label: Shindy Productions + L ´Ateliére Fumoir Records

Released: 2018


  • K. Výpustek
  • R. Wolfsgrotte 1420
  • A. I AM A692
  • A. K nejdelšímu systému
  • S. Čajový muž
  • S. Cesta Suchým žlebem /Kateřinská/


KILLER X-MAS: offering four

Traditional X-Mas symbols in our parts include the Christmas tree, baby Jesus, carols that we enjoy not only at home, but also on various social gatherings outside. This usual set up however completely ignores complex compositions that synthesize various (often very much different) genres, as well as journeys into the dark corners of the Earth. That is not the case of our special thematic event KILLER X-MAS, with its fourth offering of the Czech experimental act FORGOTTEN SILENCE, who can take you on a different X-Mas vibe, as they are cordially inviting you on a trip to one of the largest karsts of our land.   


On the other hand, a visit to the Moravian Karst is no leisurely stroll. There is more to this vast and convoluted labyrinth than meets the eye – something dark and unsettling. That place compels you to go further and further, to seek and not find, to advance yet crawl, to laugh yet tremble with fear, and to constantly look over your shoulder as you start to realize that you are not alone down here. That shadow may have been just a coincidence; that sound as if of human voice may have been just a figment of your imagination. And as you move on, the soul gripping uncertainty grows, as you know that your return is no longer up to you, but up to their whims. Will they let you reach the surface again, or will you end as the tens of those, who ventured into these depths before and whose remnants you inevitably encounter. One thing is clear, it is too late to ask, whether going here was a good idea. Yes, it is too late…  


FORGOTTEN SILENCE are well known for their passion for intertwining seemingly disparate styles of music, whereupon their creations reflect a wide array that includes death metal, art rock, folk, jazz, progressive and many others. Each piece is thus a singular work of art. “Kras” is no different and it is no accident that FORGOTTEN SILENCE are the only Czech outfit included in KILLER X-MAS. The area of Moravian Karst is for these gentlemen a site with deep inner overlap, which makes their musical testimony about it no surface matter. On the contrary, it requires a repeated concerted effort, as each dive into the musical depths reveals new enigmas.  


Our fourth offering is thus the double LP edition of “Kras”. And since FORGOTTEN SILENCE have always been keen on making their releases something special, the gatefold is luminescent, as are two photoprints included within, along with an 8-pages long booklet. Finally, it is apt to note a special website dedicated solely to “Kras”, wherein you can find, among other things, background info for each song that illuminates both the lyrics and the music.


„Hledat na „Krasu“ mouchy je zbytečná práce, ve všech směrech jde o podařenou záležitost, a tak záleží na posluchačích, nakolik se dokáží do nahrávky ponořit a následně s vizemi FORGOTTEN SILENCE ztotožnit."

Fobia Zine

Hodnocení: 9/10








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