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Product no.: CD-forgotten-silence-03
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2019 reissue of "Senyaan" (first released in 1998). 2CD digisleeve format. The album tells a dreamy tale of winter nature. Musicwise it offers unique combination of progressive death metal, doom and avant-garde music, which is typical for FORGOTTEN SILENCE making them one of the most original bands in this and any other galaxy!

Playing time: 1:38:06 (47:15 + 50:51)

Style: progressive death metal-avant-garde-experimental

Label: self released

Released: 2019 (originally 1998)


CD 1

  • Once upon a Time (The Beginning of an Eternal Winter)
  • Chapter I - The Oldest Sanctuary
  • Chapter II - The White Oceans (Days, Weeks, Months...)
  • It's Getting Dark...
  • Chapter III - The Ancient Forest
  • The Loneliness
  • Diamonds of the Night

CD 2

  • Chapter IV - The Snowscreams
  • The Snowflakes
  • Chapter V - The Hills of Senyaan Pt. II
  • The Moonshine
  • The White Roses
  • Chapter VI - (In) The Marble Halls III
  • Chapter VII - The Strange Being
  • We, the Strange Beings...


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