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HEIDEN Na svůj příběh jsme sami (LP)


Product no.: VIN-heiden-02
Genre: Post-metal / post-rock
Medium: LP
14.00 €

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With "Na svůj příběh jsme sami", the guys from HEIDEN headed deep into the post-rock sound. The calm atmosphere makes the album an ideal companion for the autumn evenings. Don't expect harsh vocals, modern metal sound nor blasting drums. Rather get ready for some intimate telling. Light a candle, get a cup of tea and wait for a rainy night. Then, start listening.

Playing time: 35:48

Style: post-rock

Label: Magick Disk Musick

Released: 2016


  • Slyšíš mě?
  • Dva
  • Vrány
  • Dryáda
  • Poslední list
  • Sběratel
  • Za horou
  • Toulaví psi


22/10/2018 Weekly highlight

An ideal companion for coming gloomy days of autumn.


HEIDEN. A remarkable band which started out as a black metal act. Over the course of the time it switched to a calm, atmospheric and melancholic post-rock. And even though some of the fans were disappointed with the new style, the band stands its ground in this regard. And it is not alone...


The new style and the band's attitude caught the attention of František „Berry“ Březina, who is familiar in the Czech underground scene for his label specialized in vinyl editions. So now it is time for „Berry“ to tell us more about this magnificent LP: „The front cover with the magical paiting is made out of heavy, massive wooden cardboard. The inner cover is a bit lighter and it contains a large picture of the band with the background of a night city, which is really fitting to the theme of this LP. On the other side of this inlay you can find the lyrics of the songs. The mastering was done again so that the tracks sound properly for the vinyl edition. It is not a standard vinyl edition for a vinyl edition, it is the celebration of the sound and the joy from the listening."


Well then, are you ready to enjoy this wonderful celebration of the sound? Last pieces of this strictly limited edition are waiting just for you.



"Heiden are slowing down, they left behind the last remains of their metal past, they made their production more open to a broad array of listeners and they make their first shy trips to the pop-rock waters. This however does not harm the quality of the production. From my point of view this might be the most interesting Czech effort of the year."


Rating: 80/100


"I like the direction Heiden takes for it is once again very personal experience and also not very common experience. The songwriting has been pushed further once again."



"The blue album is a soundtrack for the happenings in the night city. It captures - in the most open way in the band's history so far - the chracters, stories and actions which disappear with the sun rise.



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