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HOSTIA Carnivore Carnival


Product no.: CD-hostia-02
9.99 €

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Groovy Godless Grindcore! 23 minutes of pure hatred aimed at the Catholic church. That's what you should expect with the second studio album of Polish squad HOSTIA. "Carnivore Carnival" is a total massacre. Guaranteed!

Playing time: 23:43

Style: death metal-grindcore

Label: Deformeathing Production

Released: 2020


  • He Loves You
  • Slaves
  • Krasnodar Kitchen
  • Grind the Filth
  • Fire Walks with Me
  • God's Coffin
  • Jason's Cardio
  • Witchfucker
  • We Did It
  • Have a Faith
  • No Longer
  • Carnivore Carnival
  • Wild Hunt
  • Chvrch Bvrner
  • Death by Sawing
  • Dance 4 Jesus
  • Panzer Church


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