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INSECT ARK The Vanishing


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Instrumental psychedelic doom duo Insect Ark have creating uncomfortable sonicscapes that feel both intimate and icy cold since 2011. Nightmarish horror film-like visions, outer space travel, and gritty noir textures – all of this and more have been conjured up in their past records, the much-praised Portal / Well (2015) and Marrow Hymns (2018), but now, something even bigger is coming. Prepare for The Vanishing. "The album’s title refers to a daydream I had of disappearing completely – floating out to sea alone, never to return, or walking off down a road, and never being found. This idea has recurred throughout my life,” says Dana Schechter.

Playing time: 41:40

Style: psychedelic doom metal

Label: Profound Lore Records

Released: 2020


  • Tectonic
  • Three Gates
  • Philae
  • Danube
  • Swollen Sun
  • The Vanishing


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