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JIG-AI Entrails Tsunami


Product no.: CD-jig-ai-04
Genre: Grind
Medium: CD
9.99 €

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Full specifications

Playing time: 24:25

Style: goregrind

Label: Bizarre Leprous Production

Released: 2019


  • Fujiculate
  • Last Fugu Ritual
  • He-gassen Warrior
  • Noodle Rice Bondage
  • The Kokyu Orgasm
  • Boobzilla
  • Corporal Jigsore Hitomi
  • Tattooed by Pitchfork
  • Geysers of Blood
  • Shuriken Facelift
  • Entrails Tsunami (instrumental)
  • Knak
  • Kanamara Matsuri
  • Impaled by Swordfish
  • Heads on Stakes
  • Certificate of Perversion
  • Permanently Hard
  • Nunchuck Massage
  • Bamboo Log Worship
  • Decapitatation Ceremony
  • Aokigahara Picnic


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