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MEGASCAVENGER Boneyard Symphonies


Product no.: CD-megascavenger-04
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MEGASCAVENGER is a project formed by Rogga Johansson, who is engaged in more than 30 active bands and projects. "Boneyard Symphonies" is fourth studio effort of this one and just like with the previous albums, Rogga composed the music and recorded the guitars, bass and some vocals by himself. He also invited couple of friends to help him with vocal duties. The result is dark death metal from Swedish school with excellent sound.

Playing time: 33:15

Style: death metal

Label: Selfmadegod Records

Released: 2019


  • Grotesque World Remnants
  • Bone and Meat Machine
  • The Unexpected Journey
  • Soils Reclamation
  • Murder by Vermin
  • Pandemic Rotting Storms
  • Factory Standard Slaughterdevice
  • World Sized Meatgrinder
  • Back to the Ancient Again


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