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METALGATE Out Of Infancy


Product no.: CD-metalgate-CO-01
Genre: metal
Medium: CD
220.00 €

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Hrací čas: 102:37

Label: MetalGate

Rok vydání: 2013

Seznam skladeb

CD 1

  • … / Abstract Essence (album Manifest)
  • I / Abstract Essence (album Manifest)
  • Time To Let Go / F.O.B. (album Reap what you sow)
  • Behind The Smile / Genuine Relief (album Behind the Smile)
  • Desire For Benevolence / Suffocate With Your Fame (album The New World Order)
  • Entrenched / Tortharry (album Beneath)
  • Wipeout The Virus / Minority Sound (album The Explorer)
  • Platonic Blue / Liveevil (album 3Altering)
  • Lunapark / Dymytry (album Neonarcis)uck Off!!!)
  • Dead End / Dementor (album Damned)
  • Barren Land / Genuine Relief (album Behind the Smile)
  • On The Other Side / Secret of Darkness (album (In)Humanity)

CD 2

  • Pripjať – město mladých / Kryptor (album Best Of Fuck Off!!!)
  • The Camp / Tortharry (album Beneath)
  • Dimension Change / Suffocate With Your Fame (singl Dimension Change)
  • Silence / Dementor (album Damned)
  • Feeding On Your Fear / F.O.B. (album Tomorrow’s Fires)
  • Self Insurrection / Secret of Darkness (album (In)Humanity)
  • Spirit And Water / Liveevil (album 3Altering)
  • Strážná věž / Dymytry (album Neser!)
  • Never Enough [v 2.01] / Minority Sound (album Analysis)
  • Love Enough /Abstract Essence (album Love Enough)



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