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METALSTEEL Beyond the Stars


Product no.: CD-metalsteel-06
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METALSTEEL is top Slovenian heavy metal band. Its sixth studio offering "Beyond the Stars" is a concept album full of epic heavy metal with prog touches. The story deals with extraterrestrial visits and astral travelling. In the end it poses a question, if mankind can change for the better one day.

Playing time: 41:34

Style: heavy metal

Label: On Parole

Released: 2017


  • Lama Rabi Alardi Dini Endavur Esa Kunis Alim
  • Transhuman
  • Anu
  • The Council of 9
  • Stargods
  • Beyond the Stars
  • Vrillon
  • Materialist No More
  • Astral Traveller
  • The End of the World


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