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MYRKUR Folkesange


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MYRKUR's third studio effort takes the listener straight to the heart of Scandinavian culture which shaped the childhood of Amalie Bruun. "Folkensange" relinquishes black metal parts and embraces traditional folk songs. The album is a pure beauty which is as cold as nordic winter. Start your journey to your inner peace and wisdom right here.

Playing time: 46:53

Style: folk

Label: Relapse Records

Released: 2020


  • Ella
  • Fager som en Ros
  • Leaves of Yggdrasil
  • Ramund
  • Tor i Helheim
  • Svea
  • Harpens Kraft
  • Gammelkäring
  • House Carpenter
  • Reiar
  • Gudernes Vilje
  • Vinter


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