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NĀV Smrtci


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This trio of seasoned musicians stepped into the spotlight in Spring 2019, with the release of their debut “Smrtci”, which came out on a good old audio cassette and offered a truly pure form of black metal. The seven tracks are literally overflowing with nihilism, darkness and cold. On the other hand, the band approaches their musical vision with some levity, which allows them to detach from certain stylistic conventions and create more freely. All in all this is a very well done debut album which should not be missing in your collection if you consider yourself a black metal fan.

Available as MC (audiocassette).

Playing time: 32:11

Style: black metal

Label: NAAB Label

Released: 2019


  • Eternal Surreal
  • Corpse of Time
  • Night Bies
  • Funeral of God
  • Sigil of Sulfur
  • Repentance
  • Celestial Doom


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