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NAGAARUM Covid Diaries



Product no.: CD-nagaarum-16
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In 2014, the project NAGAARUM unleashed an album called "Rabies Lyssa", which tells of the supposed pandemic outbreak in 2019. Now that this dark prophecy came true, the experimental project is back with a new, unplanned effort called "Covid Diaries", that reflects the reality. Combining various music styles such as ambient, noise, doom metal and black metal, the album delivers highly atmospheric sounds. Get ready for some coldness and desparation.

Playing time: 41:57

Style: psychedelic-ambient-noise-metal

Label: Aesthetic Death

Released: 2020


  • Prelude for 2020
  • The First Ingredient
  • Superstitious Remedy
  • Competitors
  • I Am Special
  • Liquid Tomorrow


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