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NAURRAKAR / Dissolution – Subatomic Extinction of Everything

split Dantalian / Naurrakar


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Czech black metallers NAURRAKAR have joined forces with their Colombian friends Dantalian to release their first ever split album. "Dissolution - Subatomic Extinction of Everything" delivers four tracks per each band. Collectors item with outstanding graphic layout!

Playing time: 35:38

Style: black metal

Label: Namtaru Records

Released: 2020


  • Dantalian - The Serpent Plants
  • Dantalian - Children Without a Soul
  • Dantalian - El Cristo enfermo
  • Dantalian - The Andes Monster
  • Naurrakar - Lůno zkázy
  • Naurrakar - Démon uvadlého ráje
  • Naurrakar - 5 Mt
  • Naurrakar - Epilog lidstva


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