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NECNON MORTUSS Války – Zrady – Genocidy


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Necnon Mortuss' fourth album will visit other battles, conflicts and war crimes. Live cello and symphonic arrangements take raw death metal songs to the next level. The album carrier is now for the first time a flash drive, the paper package also contains a booklet and a sticker. On the disc you will find a link to download all the discography of the group! In addition to the length of the tracks, the booklet also publishes the calculated number of beats for each song.

Playing time: 38:21

Style: black / death metal

Label: self released

Release date: 2020


  • V/Z/G (instrumental)
  • Bitva u El Alamein
  • Bitva o Británii
  • Zrada na Srbech
  • Strach a smrt mezi zákopy
  • Genocida Arménů
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Sedmidenní válka
  • Krev stéká po chladném pancíři
  • Stalingrad
  • Igni Probatur Aurum, Virtus Miseria


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