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NECRO COOK Podivuhodná kuchařka Toma Necrococka a Houbové Marie


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Authors: Tom Necrocock & Houbová Marie

Genre: Cookbook

Released: 2022

Publisher: MetalGate

Pages: 208

Language: Czech

Hardcover edition

ISBN: 978-80-907797-6-1




Tom Necrocock (iconic Czech musician, composer, hedonist, libertine, gourmet)

Houbová Marie (Necrocock's beloved lustful wife, femme fatale, eternal muse who opened for him the door to most of earthly delights and pleasures)

For over 20 years they have been living in their Necromansion in Prague, engaging daily in all sorts of earthly delights, including the culinary ones. This cookbook is then published to celebrate the 30 years of their blessed union. 

Included in the cookbook is also a CD with the hors d' oeuvre EP Tafelmusik (Das Vorgericht).

Presenting dining music that Tom Necrocock composed, recorded and sung with Houbová Marie in his Gummi Studio Y, it is to be listened to by all housewives whilst preparing dishes inscribed therein, or during petite family feasts, wherein these dishes are served.

To follow is Necrocock's opus Tafelmusik (Das Hauptgericht) as the next full-length, which celebrates main dishes and is thus intended for feasts of only the utmost opulence.


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