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Introduction » BANDS » O » Oxidised Razor » OXIDISED RAZOR Collection Of Putrefaction Vol. 3


OXIDISED RAZOR Collection Of Putrefaction Vol. 3


Product no.: CD-oxidised-razor-CO-04
Genre: Grind
Medium: CD
9.40 €

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Playing time: 01:09:56

Style: death metal / goregrind

Label: Bizarre Leprous Production

Released: 2020


  • Untitled Songs
  • Padre Nuestro (Brujeria cover)
  • Intro - Voluntary Suicide
  • A Disease Called Humanity - Outro
  • Intro - Carbonizados 
  • The Bleeding Hole 
  • Voluntary Suicide 
  • Intestinal Infected Ulceration 
  • Morbid Obesity 
  • Pus Excretor Pt. 2 
  • Pedro Alonzo Lopez 
  • John Wayne Gacy - Anal Carnage 
  • Uncontrollable Proliferation of Neoplasm 
  • Despedazado 
  • Cuerpo Putrefacto 
  • El Grito del Muerto 
  • Horripilante 
  • A Disease Called Humanity 
  • Horror 
  • Desensitized 
  • Necrosadism 
  • Puke 
  • Sociopath (Warsore cover) 
  • Masticator of Swollen Carcass

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