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PURULENT SPERMCANAL Legalize For Cannibalism


Product no.: CD-purulent-spermcanal-02
Origin: Komise
Komise: Komise Číslo komise 3/2021
9.99 €

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Full specifications

Playing time: 31:24

Style: death metal-goregrind

Label: Bizarre Leprous Prod

Released: 2021 (originally in 1998)


  • Erotic Moment - Your Death
  • Necrophiliac Picnic
  • Intro
  • Go a Head Eat Me!
  • Sexual Deviation - Part Two
  • Hormonal Chaos
  • Staph Terrorist (Impetigo cover)
  • Cannibal Symposium
  • Dr. Gore
  • Monsters from Septic - Fanclub
  • Jesus Calling 666
  • Multi-Speed Anus Vibration
  • A Night in Turkish Harem
  • Song For?
  • Kokeš Momental Indisposed
  • Petrouš Paranoid Psychosis
  • Kelly Fuckily
  • Maslo Private Slave-Sex
  • Marunič Anal Inspection
  • Merry Christmas My Toys
  • Demented Sperm
  • Sado-Maso Group Sex
  • My Dick Is Hit
  • Gay Country Club
  • Lick of the Pus
  • Visitors in the Vulva: Part-1-17
  • Anal Nightmare
  • Abnormal Grotesque Ejaculation
  • Addam's Fuckily 


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