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ROOT Kärgeräs – Return from Oblivion (LP)


Product no.: VIN-root-11
Genre: Black metal
Medium: LP
16.30 €

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"Kärgeräs - Return from Oblivion" brings us back to the mid 90's. Back then, ROOT released their effort "Kärgeräs". The current album is a sequel to the former story. Dark doom-heavy metal music is immensely charming. The album is diverse, melancholic and mysterious at the same time. Come and surrender to the spell of the music and the story.


12" vinyl, limited edition

Playing time: 49:18

Style: blackened heavy metal

Label: Agonia Records

Release date: 2016


  • Life of Demon
  • Osculum Infame
  • Moment of Fright
  • The Book of Death
  • Black Iris
  • Moment of Hope
  • The Key to the Empty Room
  • New Empire
  • Up to the Down
  • Do You Think Is It the End?
Hint for you: Black metal


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