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ROOT The Book


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Product no.: CD-root-06
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Reissue of "The Book". ROOT moved into doom - epic heavy metal realms with this title while building strong atmosphere and using their trademark - deep, clean vocals of Jiří "BigBoss" Valter. The solid tracks and perfect musicianship have earned this album great reviews and it is no wonder that "The Book" belongs among the most popular titles of the band's discography.

Playing time: 56:04

Style: epic heavy-doom-black metal

Label: El Conjuro Records

Released: 2018 (reissue incl. bonuses)


  • The Book
  • The Mystical Words of the Wise
  • The Curse - Durron
  • Why?
  • Corabeu - Part One
  • Corabeu - Part Two
  • The Birth
  • Lykorian
  • The Message of the Time
  • Remember Me!
  • Darkoutro - ...Toccata - prestissimo molto
  • The Curse [Pre-Production 1997] - bonus
  • Lykorian [Demo Version, Pt. 1] - bonus
  • Lyorian [Demo Version, Pt. 2] - bonus
  • Corabeu, Pt. 1 [Demo Version 1997] - bonus


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