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ROOT The Temple in the Underworld (LP)



Product no.: VIN-root-04
23.00 €

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Another cult album of ROOT. "The Temple in the Underworld" is musicwise a very rich and epic album which reminds of Bathory. The album is a must have for all the fans of ROOT.

Available as 12'' vinyl with bonus 7'' vinyl. Reissue by Nasphyr Records.

Style: black metal

Label: Nasphyr Records

Released: 2017 (reissue)


Disc 1 (12")

Side A

  • Intro
  • Casilda's Song
  • The Temple in the Underworld
  • Aposiopesis
  • The Solitude

Side B

  • Voices from...
  • The Wall
  • The Old Ones
  • Message
  • My Name

Disc 2 (7")

Side A

  • My Deep Mystery
  • Freebee

Side B

  • My Name... (2001)


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