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ROOT Viginti Quinque Annis in Scaena (CD + DVD)


Product no.: CD-root-live-02
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Second live album by ROOT. The record was taken during the gig in the band's home town, Brno, Melodka venue. "Viginti Quinque Annis in Scaena" comes with a bonus DVD which includes exclusive footage from the road, backstage, live tracks and much more!

CD digipak

Playing time: 57:54

Style: black metal

Label: Agonia Records

Released: 2013


  • Talking Bones
  • Sonata of the Choosen Ones
  • Hřbitov
  • The Endowment 
  • In Nomine Satanas
  • The Festival of Destruction 
  • And They Are Silent 
  • Lucifer 
  • The Aposiopesis 
  • The Old Ones 
  • Píseň Pro Satana 
  • 666


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