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ROOT Zjevení (LP)


Product no.: VIN-root-01
23.00 €

The legendary debut album of the legendary Czech black metal band ROOT. Although "Zjeveni" was first released in 1990, it still remains highly requested title. A must have for the lovers of dark metal.

Available as 12'' silver vinyl reissued by I Hate Records.

Playing time: 37:03

Style: black metal

Label: I Hate Records

Released: 2015 (reissue)


Side A

  • Intro
  • Zjevení
  • Aralyon
  • Výslech
  • Upálení
  • Píseň pro Satana

Side B

  • 666
  • 7 černých jezdců
  • Démon
  • Znamení
  • Cesta zkázy


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