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Product no.: rotting-christ-lp-aealo
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Playing time: 50:05

Style: extreme metal

Label: Season Of Mist

Released: 2018


Vinyl 1 - side A

  • Aealo
  • Eon Aenaos
  • Δαίμονων βρωσης

Vinyl 1 - side B

  • Noctis Era
  • dub-saĝ-ta-ke
  • Fire Death And Fear

Vinyl 2 - side A

  • Nekron Iahes...
  • ...Pir Threontai
  • Thou Art Lord

Vinyl 2 - side B

  • Santa Muerte
  • Orders From The Dead (Diamanda Galás cover)







KILLER X-MAS: offering nine

Traditional X-Mas symbols in our parts include the Christmas tree, baby Jesus, carols and peace on Earth. This usual set up however completely ignores the bulk of antiquity with its ancient deities, empires and wars. That is not the case of our special thematic event KILLER X-MAS, with its eighth and ninth offering of the Greek icon ROTTING CHRIST, who can take you on a different X-Mas vibe, as ancient past is a wellspring of inspiration for them.   


With their history spanning over 30 years now, ROTTING CHRIST are true veterans of the black metal scene, although that might be, style-wise, simplifying it a bit, as the band went through several evolutionary stages that include grindcore, black metal, even gothic metal, to reach their current melodic black/dark metal sound, which they are however not afraid to combine with other styles and genres. However, no matter at which point you got acquainted with ROTTING CHRIST, you could always be sure to encounter a musical mastery. And it was this attention to detail that brought the band wide acclaim, underscored by numerous live shows worldwide. It has been our distinct honor that we were part of some of those, be it on MetalGate Czech Death Fest or on Hellenic Darkness. Simply put, ROTTING CHRIST are dear to our hearts (yours as well we hope), which is why we are delighted to welcome the outfit of the Tolis brothers to our e-shop as well with a twofold offering.


The second item is “Aealo”. This successor to “Theogonia” appeared three years later and instead of mythology drew inspiration from a well-known historical period of Greco-Persian wars. Recollections of those found their way not only to classes on ancient history, but also to popular culture (take the graphic novel and subsequent movie “300” as the most obvious example). And though the latter may sometime work loosely with historical facts, the fact remains that the heroic struggle of Hellenic soldiers will never be forgotten. It is thus no surprise that this subject matter found its way to ROTTING CHRIST music. “Aealo” will take you straight on to the battlefield. In one moment, you will find yourself locked in life or death combat, in the next, you will be bolstering your morale before the next clash in the company of female choirs and traditional instruments. It is perhaps this strong immersive atmosphere that makes this 10th full-length a jewel in ROTTING CHRIST discography.  


It is thus only logical that for its 8th anniversary (and the 30th anniversary of the band) “Aealo” was gifted with a vinyl re-issue. Thus, dive into the heat of battle and feast your eyes on a beautiful gold double LP!  


„You have to listen to it many times to understand its hidden beauties and get lost into its world. Thumbs up for the amazing artwork, too, that fits like a glove to the musical & lyrical concept of the album. Once again, these guys make us proud, the true ambassadors of Greek Metal!"

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