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Product no.: rotting-christ-lp-theogonia
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Playing time: 42:41

Style: extreme metal

Label: Season of Mist

Released: 2017


Side A

  • Χάος γένετο (The Sign Of Prime Creation)
  • Keravnos Kivernitos
  • Nemecic
  • Enuma Elish
  • Phobos' Synagogue

Side B

  • Gaia Tellus
  • Rege Diabolicus
  • He, The Aethyr
  • Helios Hyperion
  • Threnody




KILLER X-MAS: offering eight

Traditional X-Mas symbols in our parts include the Christmas tree, baby Jesus, carols and peace on Earth. This usual set up however completely ignores the bulk of antiquity with its ancient deities, empires and wars. That is not the case of our special thematic event KILLER X-MAS, with its eighth and ninth offering of the Greek icon ROTTING CHRIST, who can take you on a different X-Mas vibe, as ancient past is a wellspring of inspiration for them.   


With their history spanning over 30 years now, ROTTING CHRIST are true veterans of the black metal scene, although that might be, style-wise, simplifying it a bit, as the band went through several evolutionary stages that include grindcore, black metal, even gothic metal, to reach their current melodic black/dark metal sound, which they are however not afraid to combine with other styles and genres. However, no matter at which point you got acquainted with ROTTING CHRIST, you could always be sure to encounter a musical mastery. And it was this attention to detail that brought the band wide acclaim, underscored by numerous live shows worldwide. It has been our distinct honor that we were part of some of those, be it on MetalGate Czech Death Fest or on Hellenic Darkness. Simply put, ROTTING CHRIST are dear to our hearts (yours as well we hope), which is why we are delighted to welcome the outfit of the Tolis brothers to our e-shop as well with a twofold offering.


The first ROTTING CHRIST item in our catalogue is the ninth full-length “Theogonia”, originally released in January 2007 by Season Of Mist, which marked the beginning of the cooperation between these two big names. So, for the occasion of the album’s 10th anniversary, this French label made a re-issue on a gold vinyl, which you can now find in our e-shop!


Reviews at the time praised ROTTING CHRIST for returning to their black metal roots, though “Theogonia” is not just a black metal album. There is plenty of space left for previous gothic influences, as well as for folk elements, which gives the whole an epic and mystical vibe that goes hand in hand with the album’s themes. For “Theogonia” (the birth of gods) touches upon motifs from the Hellenic mythology, with the title itself coming from the ancient Greek poet Hesiod.


With the musical and thematic path set, you are now invited to enter the world of ancient Hellenic myths and legends, vis-á-vis this luxurious gold vinyl, the beauties of which will come to life before you. Such is the mastery of ROTTING CHRIST.


„This is genius, right here, working its way through the Metal underground and receiving little to nothing for it. Rotting Christ should be bigger than Trivium, and until the day that the band gets the rewards it deserves the faithful few will have to quietly enjoy Theogonia for what it is: a damn good album."

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