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SHINING X - Varg Utan Flock (digibox)


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Playing time: 49:11

Style: suicidal black metal

Label: Season Of Mist

Released: 2018


  • Svart ostoppbar eld
  • Gyllene portarnas bro
  • Jag är din fiende
  • Han som lurar inom
  • Tolvtusenfyrtioett (Frédéric Chopin cover)
  • Mot Aokigahara
  • In The Cold Light Of Morning (Placebo cover)
  • Cry Little Sister (Gerard McMahon cover)

KILLER X-MAS: offering one

Traditional X-Mas symbols in our parts include the Christmas tree, baby Jesus, carols and an all-encompassing atmosphere of friendship and love that turns us into beings a bit more amiable and humane. This usual set up however completely ignores such phenomena as misanthropy or self-hatred. That is not the case of our special thematic event KILLER X-MAS, with its first offering of the Swedish suicidal black metal act SHINING, who can take you on a different X-Mas vibe.


We are not pussyfooting around at our launch. SHINING are well-known especially thanks to their frontman Niklas Kvarforth, who has the reputation as one of the most controversial musicians of the contemporary scene. He is infamous e.g. for violent behavior towards other bands on tours and joint shows, self-harm on stage, and open support of suicide, with Kvarforth insisting that there are instances of people committing suicide at least indirectly due to SHINING’s music. And although it is unclear whether it is meant dead serious or a black humor act, the fact remains that Kvarforth often expresses his hate towards himself, other people and life in general. After all, as we can read on the band’s FB page: “Shining’s music is often referred to as “suicidal black metal” although the band themselves would point out that they are not a Black Metal band.


Our first offering is thus the latest creation of this extreme metal outfit, entitled “X – Varg Utan Flock” (which translates as wolf without a pack) in a limited deluxe digibox edition, which includes the album in digipak format, a metal pin with band logo and a keychain with band logo and a bottle opener. The album itself then includes two bonuses to the standard six songs – two covers “In The Cold Light Of Morning” (Placebo) and “Cry Little Sister” (Gerard McMahon)


“Despite being bleak and depressive, Shining's tenth full-length album is surprisingly addictive and listenable. It feels real and genuine; a diverse and extreme progressive blend of the new and the old and a gorgeous way to welcome 2018.”






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