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SICK SINUS SYNDROME Rotten to the Core


Product no.: CD-sick-sinus-syndrome-01
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Playing time: 26:51

Style: goregrind

Label: Bizarre Leprous

Released: 2021


  • Disgusting Aroma of Autopsy
  • Deep Scalpel Slash 
  • Rotten Viscera Infest 
  • Feast for Parasites 
  • Post Mortem Diffusion of Fluid 
  • Putrid Breath 
  • Body Tissue Decomposition
  • Suspended Rancid Meat 
  • Repulsive Digestive Juice 
  • Acid Enzymes Autolysis 
  • Oxidised Razor Masticator (Carcass cover) 
  • Flying Shit in the Outer Space (Dead Infection cover)
  • Septic Infestation of Dissection Table
  • Swarming of Putrid Bacterias
  • Saw Into Cranium 
  • Torrid Bones Offal 
  • Wrenched Rib Cage
  • Carcass Dismemberment (Pathologist cover) 
  • Conserved into Formaldehyde
  • Marbled Cadaveric Crematorium 
  • Grind to the Cremains
  • Vulva Fermentation (Regurgitate cover) 
  • Carved Pathological Waste 
  • Apt´s Hallucinogenic Trip


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