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SOLFERNUS Hysteria in Coma



Product no.: CD-solfernus-reissue-01
8.80 €

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Digipak reissue, contains bonus EP "Diabolic Phenomenon" from 2003.

Playing time: 56:45

Style: black metal

Label: Lava Productions

Released: 2021 (originally 2005)


  • Lucifer's Orchestra
  • Advent Massacra
  • Bros of Inferno
  • Victoria Karisma
  • In Bondage of Blind Desire
  • Hysteria in Coma
  • Dogra's Empire (Root cover)
  • Furious Beat of the Black Hearts
  • The Antichrist (Slayer cover)
  • Darker than the Darkness

Bonus EP:

  • Darker than the Darkness
  • Furious Beat of the Black Hearts
  • Legacy of Death
  • Human Medium of Evil
  • Bros of Inferno


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