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SOLFERNUS Neoantichrist


Product no.: CD-solfernus-02
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Brno-based black metal commando SOLFERNUS, featuring members of Root, Asgard and Inner Fear, and its second studio album. "Neoantichrist" delivers 40 minutes of raw and uncompromising music with occasional unexpected and melodic moments. The proverbial icing on the cake is the album art and design. So, give it a shot. You will not regret it!

Playing time: 39:23

Style: black metal

Label: Satanath Records

Released: 2017


  • Ignis ~ Dominion
  • Glorifired
  • Mistresserpent
  • Pray For Chaos!
  • That One Night
  • Between Two Deaths
  • Once Upon A Time In The East
  • My Aurorae
  • Neoantichrist
  • Stone In A River


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