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SVART CROWN Wolves Among the Ashes


Product no.: CD-svart-crown-05
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Fifth studio effort of French based SVART CROWN incorporates various influneces into the black-death metal basis. Get ready for industrial samples, trip-hop beats and clean vocals. The result remains remarkably cohesive and its devilish inside hides a strong message which reminds that one has the power to overcome whatever obstacle that stands in his/her way.

Playing time: 40:27

Style: black-death metal

Label: Century Media Records

Released: 2020


  • They Will Not Take Our Death in Vain
  • Thermageddon
  • Art of Obedience
  • Blessed Be the Fools
  • At the Altar of Beauty
  • Down to Nowhere
  • Exoria
  • Living with the Enemy


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