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Product no.: VIN-tengri-drom-split-02
Genre: Post-metal / post-rock
Medium: LP
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Two unique bands, five majestic compositions, one album. Split effort named "UR" unites two alternative outfits of Czech heavy scene - post-metal/shoegaze band DROM and alternative post-rock act TENGRI. Both bands offer the listener their unique sound and approach to the composition. No matter some differences you can still find a lot of similarities between these two musical worlds. The two parts of the album work great together. In fact, one cannot exist without the other. "UR" is a must-have for those who love experimental heavy music with emphasis on strong atomsphere. So close your eyes and let yourself float beyond the borders of your mind to explore unknown beauties.

Available as red, transparent vinyl. Gatefold.

Playing time: 34:35 (19:36 + 14:59)

Style: post-metal (DROM) / alternative-post-rock (TENGRI)

Label: MetalGate

Released: 2020


Side A - Drom

  • Jsi světlo, tak neboj
  • -
  • Potomci vědění

Side B - Tengri

  • Buďme jako voda, která všechno očistí
  • Buďme jako země, která všechno vydrží


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