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TIDES FROM NEBULA From Voodoo to Zen


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"From Voodoo to Zen" is TIDES FROM NEBULA's 5th studio album and their first one as a three-piece. "It seems that being a three-piece made us work harder and challenged us to write better music. I'm pretty sure this is one of the reasons the album ended up sounding so rich and epic," states guitarist Maciej Karbowski. "From Voodoo to Zen" is without a doubt the most epic and huge sounding album that TIDES FROM NEBULA have created so far.

Playing time: 45:12

Style: post-rock

Label: Long Branch Records

Released: 2019


  • Ghost Horses
  • The New Delta
  • Dopamine
  • Radionoize
  • From Voodoo to Zen
  • Nothing to Fear and Nothing to Doubt
  • Eve White, Eve Black, Jane


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