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Product no.: CD-voracious-scourge-ep-01
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Playing time: 19:03

Style: death metal

Label: Immortal Souls Productions

Released: 2018


  • Vaticination (Intro)
  • Harbinger Of Our Own Demise
  • Fortuity Of the Deceived
  • Expiate The Depraved
  • Oracle Of Repugnance


10/9/2018 Weekly highlight

Uncompromising death metal from SINISTER and ex-SUFFOCATION members!

Yes, it is an EP. But hell of an EP from a solid band formed by Jason McIntyre (SUTURE) who recruited his mate from SUTURE, Lance Strickland (bass), and the super stars Mike Smith (drums) and Aad Kloosterwaard. While Mike recorded most of SUFFOCATION albums, Aad is known as the vocalist of the Dutch machine SINISTER.

Now these guys are here to show you how the old school death metal should sound like. With „Our Demise“ you will take a trip back to the times when creating great songs with solid riffs and vocal hooks that grabbed you and stuck in your brain like mental meat hooks, was the mission. Enjoy!



„This is some super duper cool death metal.“


Rating: 4/5


„Voracious Scourge effortlessly conjures up the best points of convergence of technical and brutal death metal, devoid of parlor tricks. They’ve honed in on the same thoughtful savagery that made albums like „The Erosion Of Sanity“ and „Under A Stone With No Inscription“ so brilliant and the result is fantastic death metal listening“

Rating: 4/5



„VORACIOUS SCOURGE succeed in recording an absolutely smashing and destroying album! Excellent! Massacre!“

Deadly Storm





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