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ACHERONTAS Faustian Ethos


Product no.: CD-acherontas-07
Genre: Black metal
Medium: CD
11.60 €

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The material for the seventh studio album of the occult black metallers ACHERONTAS was actually composed during the works on "Amarta", the predecessor to "Faustian Ethos". Due to the different approach to the music and lyrics alike the band decided to make a separate album out of this material. No matter the differences in the songwriting, ACHERONTAS will take you thtough the mysterious world of Devilish art once more.

Playing time: 48:46

Style: black metal

Label: Agonia Records

Released: 2018


  • Τhe Fall of the First Pillar
  • Sorcery and the Apeiron
  • Aeonic Alchemy (Act I)
  • Faustian Ethos
  • The Old Tree and the Wise Man
  • The Alchemists of the Radiant Sepulchre (Act II)
  • Decline of the West (O Ιερεας και ο Ταφος)
  • Vita Nuova


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