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How to shop
Jak nakupovat


Instructions for learning about the contents of the e-shop and for ordering the respective products.


When entering the e-shop website, please make sure that at the shopping cart symbol, the note reads “cart empty "!
Before you send your purchase order, please read the Terms of Trade (item in the menu FOR CUSTOMERS) carefully.


How to view contents and find products

  • Under the main menu item BANDS is an ABC list of all bands in the e-shop in the order of categories based on the bands’ initial letters.
  • Other main menu items go directly to the products lists.
  • To learn more, click on the product picture in the list.
  • The product page will open. Here, you can read all the important details, e.g. in the case of an album: the price, who published the album, song list and other information.

Prompt navigation:

  • To search a particular band, album, song or items of product, use the “Search..” tool in the website heading. Write the term you search for and click on the “Magnifier” icon. Search results will be displayed on a separate page containing links.

How to add selected products to cart

  • You can add product to the Cart from the product detail card.
  • Select the number of the pieces of the goods which you want to order (1 piece by default) and click on “Add to Cart”.
  • By this action, you put the selected number of pieces of the selected product in the cart and the cart is displayed. In the lower part of the cart is the guidepost “Continue shopping” or “Order”.
  • By clicking on “Continue shopping” you’ll return to the e-shop.
  • Before clicking on “Order”, fill in the mode of transport and payment (boxes under the list of ordered goods).
  • By clicking on “Order”, the order process will start.

How to control the cart

Cart functions

You can enter the cart page:

  • By clicking the “Buy” button in the product detail
  • Or by clicking the “Cart” button in the heading of the site

On the Cart page, you can:

  • Check and edit products item by item
  • Select mode of transport and payment

Item of merchandise

Products are listed in the Cart item by item, indicating the product name, code and price and there’s a tool to adjust the number of pieces and to remove the product from the Cart.

  • If you stated another number of pieces than you intended to, you can rewrite the number of pieces in the gray box and then click on the arrows next to the box.
  • If you placed an item to the Cart by mistake, you can remove the item from the Cart by clicking on a red button with a trash symbol.

Payment and transport

Under the products table are buttons by which you can select the mode of payment and the mode of transport. After entering or editing the transport or payment, prices in the Cart will be recalculated automatically.


How to make your order (recommended procedure)

  • The first step of the order is the selection of the mode of transport and payment – see the text above.
  • The second step is the setting of delivery and invoice address, if any.
  • The third step is the control of the order made – number of the pieces of goods, price, and address. There are also two boxes for confirmation of the consent:
    • of the business terms and to the processing of personal data for the purposes of the Order processing (this box must be checked otherwise the Order may not be delivered)
    • to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes (newsletter etc., it is not mandatory, it is up to each buyer whether they want to receive any business information)
  • If everything is OK, you can continue by pressing “Send order”.
  • If you see a mistake in your order, you can return by clicking on “Back to cart” and make the correction and repeat the process.
  • The Order will be sent to the e-mail address stated by you and the system will produce a report about it in the heading of the page.
  • Under the report, a brief recapitulation of your order will be displayed.
  • To the indicated e-mail address, you will then receive order confirmation and to the same e-mail, you will be then informed about dispatch and sending of the order.


If you are uncertain about how to control the e-shop, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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