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ASMODEUS Oko Horovo (LP)



Product no.: VIN-asmodeus-08
13.50 €

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8th studio album of Czech thrash, heavy or prog - metal band. "Oko Horovo" was born spontaneously, however its potential is just as high as with the previous efforts of ASMODEUS. The album works like a perfect metal machine. With this vinyl edition you can also enjoy the fine cover art to the maximum.

Playing time: 31:42

Style: thrash metal

Label: Magic Disk Music

Released: 2017


  • Smečka prince Šavlozuba
  • Oko Horovo
  • Fenix Schizofrenix
  • Parazit
  • Kniha mrtvých
  • Prokeltí Sodomy
  • 666 očí Satanových
  • Midas
  • V ruinách města Ur
  • Černé vody Ninive


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