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Playing time: 45:19

Style: psychedelic drone / sludge / doom metal / experimental

Label: Svart Records

Released: 2018


  • Enneargy
  • Enneanacatl
  • Enneathan
  • Enneathan





KILLER X-MAS: offering five

Traditional X-Mas symbols in our parts include the Christmas tree, baby Jesus, carols and various attempt at divining a positive insight into the grand scheme of things. This usual set up however completely ignores the reverse side of the Absolute, the pure ontological negative, which hides the Truth of the things-in-themselves, though simultaneously being out of reach of our conceptual cognition, unless some higher form of perception (an enlightenment, if you will) is reached that allows for comprehension of this Transcendence. Such is the trajectory of our next offering (no. 5 to 7) within KILLER X-MAS, the Suomi’s own DARK BUDDHA RISING, which can thus usher in a different X-Mas vibe.


There is no denying that DARK BUDDHA RISING are the most unusual acquisition for KILLER X-MAS. Hailing from Tampere, Finland, this act represents a true alternative to the metal mainstream. Their music fuses darkwave, drone, psychedelics, avant-garde and even jazz elements into formations that could best be described as musical mantras rather than traditional songs, as these lack the usual clues found in a song (a chorus would be the most obvious example). It thus puts higher demand on the listener, as the overall work is significantly more complex, whereby more difficult to orient in. On the other hand, it allows for experiencing the music in an entirely different manner. A wide space in open for improvisation, as stylistic constrictions are kept to bare minimum, whence the music itself becomes the reflection of momentary emotions and mindsets. It is then this inner frame (or some higher, darker power) that determines how DARK BUDDHA RISING will sound in the next instance of their show or on their next album.


Such world of dark psychedelia may not be for everybody, but if you feel like exploring, broaden your horizons and give it a shot. You have an opportunity to do so.


Our next offerings are the re-editions of the DARK BUDDHA RISING titles that comprise the so-called “black trilogy”, which consists of the second, third and fourth full-length“Ritual IX”, “Entheomorphosis” and “Abyssolute Transfinite” – that all have black frontcovers as a common denominator (hence the black trilogy). These were re-released this October by Svart Records, both as 2LPs and for the first time also as CDs. All three masterpieces, in both formats, are now available on our e-shop.







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