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Product no.: VIN-god-dethroned-11
Genre: Death metal
Medium: LP
23.16 €

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The veterans of Dutch black/death metal scene and their eleventh studio effort. Following the World War I trilogy, the band returns to the dark topics of occultism and the depravity of religion and church. Musicwise, GOD DETHRONED offer very complex, pompous material combined with their typical songwriting style.

"Illuminati" is available as coloured LP vinyl, one of 300 copies. The colour of the vinyl is biege/brown marble.

Playing time: 36:37

Style: blackened death metal

Label: Metal Blade Records

Released: 2020


Side A

  • Illuminati
  • Broken Halo
  • Book of Lies
  • Spirit of Beelzebub
  • Satan Spawn

Side B

  • Gabriel
  • Eye of Horus
  • Dominus Muscarum
  • Blood Moon Eclipse 06:03 Show lyrics
Hint for you: Death metal


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